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Catherine has an excellent eye for design and comfort. She took care of my office redesign from beginning to end, literally. As a result of her great work, I am having her assist us with our home redesign as well. I would highly recommend her!

Jack Z.

Catherine is delightful and easy to work with. I hired her to edit, revise and update a few rooms and was very pleased with the result. The living room is much more inviting and comfortable. Am looking forward to having her help me with the outdoor living space!

Helen G.

I had a vision of what my hair studio would look like, and Cathy took my vision and made the final look so amazing! She put things together that I would never have thought of and made it more beautiful than what I could even imagine. Very professional, listens to your vision and creates the ultimate dream look you want.


Stacey B.
                         Owner: One on One Hair Studio

Austin Design was able to help me with several projects that I had during the last few years. Catherine has been easy to work, with guiding me,and my clients. She without fail brings us to a beautiful finish product that could not have been done without her knowledge, and bold ideas that put our properties over the top for sale or for leasing. Never would I do a project requiring her skills and guidance, without her. Just give her the challenge and without a doubt the end project will be exactly what you wanted and more. Skill, style, and integrity is what I find in Catherine over and over, and I am thrilled to have her working on any of my projects.

Janet S.

 I have never worked with anyone I liked more than Cathy Canfield from Austin Design. Her professional expertise in color, texture, and design far exceeded my expectations. Her timeliness and quality of work was so appreciated. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone looking to hire a designer who really listens to her clients and delivers in every way.

Linda K.

Always outstanding service and extremely responsive to questions, issues and design changes! Professional in every way as well as practical and helps you hold to budget!



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Catherine at Austin Design is extremely talented. She brings her professional advice and beautiful choice of furnishings to the next level with her care and desire to please. As her client I am extremely happy with the design and decorating work she has done for me.

Nellie L.

A wonderful experience. Catherine is professional with a very personalized touch. She takes the time to get to know her clients and I felt like she truly understood my needs and incorporated my personality in the design for my house. I couldn't be happier.

Keely F.

Whenever I need help with a home design project, I turn to Cathy at Austin Design! Cathy is a true professional with many years of experience. She is a great listener and knows what I want even before I know what I want! She has helped me with many projects from choosing paint colors to designing larger spaces. I highly recommend Austin Design for any home design project that you may have, big or small.

                                                                                     Laura S. 


We had used Catherine Canfield in 2009 for complete interior decorating of a newly constructed home. She took care of everything including furniture, window coverings, accent pieces and artwork. We are now having her help us design a whole-house remodel, including selection and layout of tile, lighting fixtures, paint colors, faux finishes, stone selection, and furniture. She is very knowledgeable and knows and works well with many suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, and artists. She is a delight to work with - very good at listening to what we want and guiding us to make the process easier. Catherine keeps your budget in mind and is reasonable and fair with pricing. We highly recommend Austin Design.


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Catherine is a great designer. She always goes above and beyond my expectations. Only person i can trust to decorate my home. She is a very kind and friendly person and is there for every step along the way.

Jonathan Lucatero

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Very reliable and experienced home design and remodeler. Austin Design always exceeds all my expectations and I am happy to always refer them.

Hany Louis

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Cathy decorated my entire living room, dining, family room and kitchen. She selected the perfect pieces of furniture for the different rooms and help bring my family quality time together more intimate and meaningful. Cathy is always available to answer questions and give advise on how to make our home beautiful for us.



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Catherine is a great, reliable decorator. It's always a pleasure to work with her. She is great at understanding all her clients needs. I recommend her simply because of her great professionalism and how she can make any project amazing being big or small.


George Professional House Painting

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Hi Catherine,


Thanks! I also enjoy working with you. You are so easy to work with. 


Melinda Laponis

I hired Catherine to redecorate and refurnish our house in 2013 , which she had furnished and decorated in 2001. This time it was towards contemporary style which was completed as promised on time. 
Catherine was very meticulous in understanding my preferences in terms of colors and fabrics and delivered the final look as I had envisioned. Very disciplined and prompt in follow up.



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Cathy has decorated virtually every room in my last two homes over the past twenty yrs. The primary reason I continue to work with Cathy is that I have found her to be the best in her field for a number of reasons. While extremely creative she does not impose her tastes on her clients but listens and works with her clients’ interests to make the best fit. (Also to ensure no ghastly mistakes from us novices.) She actually works with the clients’ budget and schedule and most importantly manages the various contractors. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to living room, great rooms and bedrooms, Catherine has done it all. And we have more work planned. She is a pleasure and a professional.



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I've just started working with Catherine (2 meetings) 
and she has already helped me greatly. She is clear 
and decisive, and able to understand my needs and 
ideas easily and comfortably. 

We first met when I was looking for color help. She 
suggested a color for walls and trim in my living room. 
I have my own painter, and she gave us a list of specifics 
on shopping for the job. It turned out beautifully. She 
also directed me to other helpful resources, saving me 
time and money.



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WOW!  Wonderful/Outstanding/Welcoming.  This describes Catherine's work and working with her on our remodel of our 1950's kitchen.  Our contractor recommended Catherine when we were having difficulty finding a backsplash for our already selected granite counter.  She nailed it with the perfect selections.  When we met her at the tile place, she had done her pre-work and there was no need to deliberate long, she had a perfect vision for our kitchen.  We also used Catherine for flooring selection and wall paint color.


Shirley H.

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“I have worked with Cathy on several projects and have referred her to many of my clients. I appreciate her willingness to accommodate my client’s, her patience and professionalism. We have worked on several projects together throughout Los Gatos, Saratoga and San Jose, including Silver Vista Estates, Monroe Court Estates and Garden Patio Estates, in Almaden Valley, as well as, numerous residential projects. I am very confident in Cathy’s abilities and in recommending her as a very talented interior designer.”

Joe Piazza

Assistant Manager Coldwell Banker Los Gatos

President’s Premier

Top 1% Realtor in Santa Clara Valley

Current Alain Pinel Realty

I am not a customer, but a vendor Catherine uses for plumbing fixtures so my review is based on how she handles the job...not with what it looks like in the end (which by all of the pictures posted are fantastic). Catherine does an awesome job of selecting just the right design for what her clients want and all within budget. All of her jobs (with SplashWorks) have gone flawlessly. I truly love working with her.



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Catherine is an amazing designer. She listens to her clients needs and delivers above expectations. She intuitively has a sense of her clients style, bringing practicality and personality into a home.


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I hired Catherine for the interior design of my entire home. I had a few pieces of furniture that I wanted to continue to use, and Catherine was amazingly creative when it came to finding new furniture pieces and décor that fit with my existing pieces. Everything ties in so nicely! She has a great eye. Catherine is also very easy to work with. She really listens to my input, and switches directions per my input without batting an eye. I feel that my home reflects my taste, but she helped my taste look really good! I have to say that her redesign service is amazing. She spent an entire day in my home adding décor and art. When I got home, my house was transformed. It is such a wonderful service for busy people. I highly recommend Catherine, and thoroughly enjoy working with her.


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Austin design was assigned the task of redecorating my home. Cathy's vision for incorporating both the old and the new is a unique talent of hers. By doing just this, she has created a very tranquil and relaxing environment. Cathy is a pleasure to work with and no challenge is too big for her. Her goal is to ensure that you really love her finished product. Thank you so much Cathy and co. 


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Our contractor suggested we contact Catherine for design assistance on our kitchen backsplash, paint color and flooring. After meeting with Catherine, she did her homework and when we went to the tile and flooring vendors, we needed very few tweaks. She just nailed the pieces to create a new kitchen of our dreams. Our old kitchen was the original from the 1950s! I tell friends and neighbors hire the professionals, don't waste time running from one place to another and just becoming overwhelmed. A professional designer makes the remodel process so much smoother and also not a cookie cutter design.



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What a delight to collaborate with Catherine. I specialize in exterior renovation and have worked with Catherine developing design plans to improve functionality, appearance and of course adding value. She is consistently positive and provides great feedback, thanks to her years of experience and knowledge about new design trends. 
We have selected design elements such as exterior paint, custom pergola and fencing construction, stone facade, lighting, and landscape plants. 
I know I can rely on Catherine as a professional whether we're working together, or by recommending her to my clients and friends.


Miele Properties

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In 2014 we completed a remodel of 2/3 of our home, including the kitchen, living room and family room. Early 2015, I realized that I needed help with furniture selection, paint colors, and the final touches. A friend introduced me to Cathy and my only regret is not working with her during the remodel! After meeting with Cathy and describing my desire for a contemporary look, Cathy understood my needs and has been instrumental in providing furniture and design options as well as helping me choose the right fabrics and colors. In addition she has saved me valuable time. In one hour, Cathy chose paint colors for my walls; something that would have taken me weeks! Cathy is a wonderful, very experienced designer, that I highly recommend!


Laura Secker

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I was referred to Austin Design by our Cabinetry company. Catherine has been such a delight to work with. From the moment I met her she has stayed consistently dedicated and offering superb service throughout every process. A great multi tasker that is able to work with so many different personalities while staying on top of her game. 
She is a true artist in the design industry. She has done beautiful work for us during a very busy and stressful time in our life and we are very thankful she came along and made our house remodel experience a smooth ride. She designed our kitchen, bathrooms, indoor bar, structural layout in our 4,000+ sq. ft home. I will post photos soon! 



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Thanks again for your fabulous transformation to my family room. The whole room is just magical and I so enjoy just being in there and at this stage just sitting and looking!




As a decorator, Catherine is among the best. She brings warmth with her professionalism, insight, and amazing intuitive design knowledge. Cathy has completed a number of projects for me over the 20 + years we have worked together. She has decorated two houses for us, including kitchen and bathroom remodels, bedrooms, living room and dining room makeovers. Virtually the entire house for both homes, from window treatments to complete remodels. Her creativity and knowledge is amazing. I have only to suggest something I saw that is really different and she is on board, adding her own creative thoughts and talents. 

The reason I still go to Cathy, (have another project), although I am now several hours away, is she has an amazing ability to understand her client's interest, design/color preferences, while at the same time keeping her clients 'out of trouble.' She respects budget constraints, working wonders within those parameters. 

With 20 + years of experience with Cathy managing multiple projects for us, there is no one I trust more.


Terry Norona.

Cathy is available 24/7 via ema il or telephone for any of our needs regarding projects. She is the most committed, creative, hardworking, dependable, talented professionals we have ever worked with. She is an interior designer who listens and follows through as quickly as possible. All that and a sense of humor, and a warm delightful personality. Cathy has helped me with our last home and we know the amazing two bathrooms, two tiled fireplaces, and unique stained glass window, all of which she designed, contributed highly to the sale of our house.


Diana Zitman

Saratoga, CA

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